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    Drumbeats in Time 11/12th Grade Unit Plan

    Drumbeats in Time 11/12th Grade Unit Plan


    This unit plan was designed in order to instruct students in the Kittitas Valley about the contributions and perspectives of the Kittitas Band of the Yakama Nation. This unit plan has students use primary and secondary sources, inquiry, videos and lecture to plan and conduct an oral history interview with a Kittitas Band member. If tribal members of the Kittitas are not avaiable for interview, there is a sample video of an interview with Kittitas member Allen Aronica. Students can use this video instead of conducting an oral history interview for the final lesson. 

    11/12th Grade Unit Plan

    This unit plan is designed to be approximately 5-8 lessons. It is designed for students in US history or Civics in the 11/12th grades. There are three lesson plans with materials for each. In the first lesson, students learn background knowledge on the Yakama Nation by receiving a powerpoint lesson and then reading a primary source. This lesson also reinforces content learned in the elementary and middle school lesson plans for Drumbeats in Time. In the second lesson, students use inquiry to research and develop potential interview questions for an oral history interview with a member of the Kittitas Band. Thirdly, students write a reflection paper on their research and what they learned from the interview. If tribal members are not able for interview, there is an interview already recorded with Allen Aronica from the Kittitas Band. Students can still do lessons 1-2 but will use the video in lieu of the interview for lesson 3. 

    Drumbeats in Time Lesson 1

    This first lesson involves a PowerPoint on the history surrounding the 1855 Stevens Treaties and then students will answer close reading questions to the Yakama Treaty. There is a review of concepts learned in elementary (geography) and middle school (Washington State History). 

    Drumbeats in Time Lesson 2

    This second lesson has students use inquiry to research the history of the Yakama Nation and Kittitas Band. Students should pay special attention to potential issues facing the tribe/band that could be asked about in an oral history interview. Links to guidelines and best practices for conducting oral histories are part of the direct instruction.

    Whether or not a tribal member is avaible for interview, students can still develop a list of potential questions as an assignment. If tribal members are available for interview, then the video of Allen Aronica's interview could be viewed during this lesson as an example. If a tribal member is not avaiable, then the video should be shown in lesson three in lieu of an interview. 

    Drumbeats in Time Lesson 3

    This concluding lesson plan has students conduct their interview or watch the sample video. Students will then write a reflection paper in which they write about their research process as well as what they learned from the interview or video.