Lesley James, Kim Meschter, Meghan Terwillegar, Kelli McSheehy
Information Science, Electronic Technology, English Language Arts
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Unit of Study
High School
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Digital Media Literacy in English Language Arts

Digital Media Literacy in English Language Arts


This resource provides a description and links to the original materials for a multi-day unit created by teacher-librarians at Highline Public Schools. The unit shows 9th grade students how to access, analyze, evaluate, and cite information sources.

Highline Public Schools 9th Grade ELA Unit


This unit is:

  • Intended to last ___ days
  • Designed to be embedded in a 9th grade English Language Arts class
  • Built for Google Classroom

The objectives are for students to:

  • Learn how to access, analyze, and evaluate digital media
  • Communicate in a variety of digital forms
  • Act in an ethical and responsible way

Students will:

  • View slideshows
  • Interact in small and large group discussions
  • Produce a research project on a topic of their choice


Start with this overview, which includes standards, definitions, vocabulary, resources, and links to lesson plans, slideshows, and the Digital Research Notebook students will use. 

The unit is broken into 4 sections:

  1. Access: Types of resources and how to access them; searching electronic resources with keywords; determining relevance of resources; narrowing or expanding searches; conducting interviews
  2. Analyze: How to analyze an information source by lateral reading
  3. Evaluate: How to evaluate an information source using the SIFT method
  4. Citation: How to avoid plagiarism by citing your sources

The culminating product is a research paper with correct citations of reliable information sources.