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10-lesson kindergarten unit to build classroom culture focused on identity, diversity and community.
English Language Arts, Social Science
Preschool, Lower Primary
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Lesson, Lesson Plan, Unit of Study
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B Manker on Jul 01, 06:36pm

This is a delightful, thorough lesson plan for building community in a kindergarten classroom at the beginning of a school year. Activities are explained and examples (with supporting documents) are provided. Opportunities for practicing basic classroom procedures are abundant. Student self-assessment (with kid-friendly rubrics) are also provided. Everything is nicely scaffolded with a logical flow.

B Manker
on Jul 01, 06:35pm Evaluation

Quality of Assessments: Superior (3)

Rubrics are included at the end of the unit for convenience. One summative assessment, based on the listed standards (and a checklist to support it) is included. Several explanations of formative assessments are also provided.

B Manker
on Jul 01, 06:35pm Evaluation

Quality of Technological Interactivity: Not Applicable (N/A)

This unit of study did not include many technological components, except for some YouTube videos. Teachers could add technology, if so desired. For example, instead of mirrors in lesson 2, students might use iPads to look at themselves (mirrored camera function) or take photos to display and discuss as a class.

B Manker
on Jul 01, 06:35pm Evaluation

Quality of Instructional and Practice Exercises: Strong (2)

Every activity is supported with worksheets and graphic organizers. Some of the forms were actually images and not editable for different contexts.

B Manker on Jul 01, 01:10pm

One limitation to note: Lesson 3 "Partner Routines" video is only for Federal Way Public School employees and is not available to the general public.



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