Lori Harrison, Washington OSPI OER Project, Federal Way Public Schools
English Language Arts, Social Science
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Unit of Study
Preschool, Lower Primary
  • Federal Way Public Schools
  • Gardening
  • Since Time Immemorial
  • parts of a plant
  • parts-of-a-plant
  • plant habitat
  • plant's needs
  • plant-habitat
  • plant-s-needs
  • wa-social-studies
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    Education Standards

    t’iləqʷ /Strawberry Native American Storytelling Unit

    t’iləqʷ /Strawberry Native American Storytelling Unit


    Integrated ELA and Social Studies Unit incorporating Washington State's Since Time Immemorial content. Students learn native values in plant care, the oral tradition of storytelling and share and celebrate their learning.

    This three week integrated ELA and Social Studies Unit was created collaboratively and in consultation with Puyallup tribal leaders and is in alignment with SB 5433 –Requiring Washington’s tribal history, culture, government to be taught in the common schools. This unit includes lessons from OSPI’s Since Time Immemorial Units:

       The big ideas for this unit are:

    • Our neighborhoods were first occupied by local tribes, Native American people who have always lived here and still live here today 
    • People have been telling stories to share lessons, traditions and explanations of nature Since Time Immemorial
    • Native values and practices are relevant to issues of worldwide importance today, such as taking care of the earth