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D5.3: Testing and evaluating Web Accessibility

1. Identifying potential Accessibility issues in Web documents
2. Identifying Interoperability and compatibility issues 
3. Determining conformance to Accessibility  specifications based on Accessibility  issues found 
4. Testing for end-user impact
5. Using assistive Technology to test Web Accessibility 
6. Identifying major tools for auditing and evaluating Web Accessibility  
7. Identifying the limitations of automated testing
8. Creating Web Accessibility  requirements checklist
9. Examining inaccessible Web  documents based on the Web Accessibility  requirements checklist
10. Reviewing best practices for designing and creating accessible Web documents

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Mada ICT-AID Competency Framework
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ICT accessibility and inclusive design is considered as a relevant and essential topic that needs to be well covered and integrated within capacity building, training and education curricula and programmes. Despite this urgent need, there is a lack of integration of ICT-AID aligned courses in educational institutions and professional development services based on a comprehensive Global competency framework delimiting all required relevant competencies and capabilities in the field of ICT accessibility and Inclusive Design. It is in this context that Mada center has developed an open competency framework in a bid to guide globally training of students and workers on ICT accessibility and inclusive design, so that they will be well prepared to excel in their accessibility professions and contribute in the creation of accessible products, contents and services.

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