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Oregon's Work-Based Learning Rubric

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The rubric can be used by teachers, administrators, and other individuals to design and deliver quality and equitable work-based learning experiences for students within a CTE Program of Study that will meet the secondary Perkins V program quality indicator. It can also be used as a resource to reflect on areas of strength and improvements and to adopt continuous improvement processes. Equity considerations are included in the rubric to support the elimination of barriers to access and participation in work-based learning. The rubric is focused primarily on quality work-based learning experiences, not programs, and performance levels are aligned with the High Quality Program of Study Rubric for an approved CTE Program of Study.

Material Type: Student Guide, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Authors: Higher Education Coordinating Commission, Oregon Department of Education

Oregon's Perkins V Work-Based Learning Handbook

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What is the purpose of this handbook? The purpose of this handbook is to provide a shared resource for schools, districts, business, industry, and community partners in support of a statewide effort to build a robust work-based learning ecosystem in Oregon. The ultimate goals of supporting implementation of high quality work-based learning are to ensure equitable learning outcomes for students, to connect classroom learning with the world of work, and to strengthen community and school partnerships.

Material Type: Student Guide, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Authors: Higher Education Coordinating Commission, Oregon Deparment of Education

CTE Work-Based Learning

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Visit the Oregon Department of Education's self-guided course on Work-Based Learning in a Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program of Study. Whether you are new to Work-Based Learning or looking for guidance on continuous improvement, we hope this course helps you support the career development of Oregon’s CTE students. The course is organized into Modules. The content of each module is comprised of short videos, guidance on high-quality Work-Based Learning, tools, and/or activities to support the planning and implementation of WBL experiences. The course is designed for you to access content that is applicable to your stage of implementation and provide a resource that can be referred back to at any time.

Material Type: Full Course

Author: Brandie Clark

Internship Program Resources of Canby High School

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Internships are an important mechanism for providing students an opportunity to explore a career and apply the skills and knowledge from school into a business setting. Canby High School was awarded a CTE Revitalization grant in 2011 to help them expand their internship program. Below are the resources and forms that Canby developed to guide the implementation of this project.

Material Type: Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Jim Taylor