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COERLL has partnered with Rose Potter and Betsy Arnold to publish Recorridos-Don Quijote, a pair of openly-licensed books for the study of Cervantes’ Don Quijote in upper level Spanish courses, including AP. The student workbook, accessible online for free, deepens students’ understanding of the text through reading, pre-reading, and post-reading activities and glosses. The companion teacher support facilitates the teaching of Don Quijote through student-centered strategies and activities, historical and cultural information, quizzes, exams and more.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Assessment, Homework/Assignment, Reading, Textbook

Authors: Betsy Arnold, Rose Potter

ABC's in American Sign Language (ASL)

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* This is intended to be used for learners in G1 and up.  This module may fit into a larger course to provide a broader content for the module as it is openly and freely shared.  ASL (American Sign Language) is a visual language. Instead of verbal language, you use your body such as your hands and facial expressions.  You can actually use ASL to communicate whenever you like, use it like your daily conversations.

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Renee Sakai