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The University of Hawaiʻi System aims to empower instructors to take control of their curriculum through the adoption and creation of Open Educational Resources (OER), advancing a more dynamic and integrated learning experience for students while also removing costly barriers to education. The UH System is committed to being a leading Indigenous-serving institution and proudly delivers a multicultural global experience in a Native Hawaiian place of learning.


The Hawaiʻi System Hub is an OER network for the University of Hawaiʻi System, which includes 3 universities and 7 community colleges. Each campus has their own group within the hub to encourage collaboration and dialogue. While anyone can access the public materials in the OERCommons, the groups are private areas where you can collaborate with other group members prior to releasing a final publication. They essentially serve as an independent workspace that you can utilize while you work on an OER project. We encourage you to join a group to begin contributing content and sharing ideas with others! 


More information about the system-wide OER initiative and work happening at each campus can be found at Resources curated by librarians in the UH system can found at the following links:


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