Speak Up! It is your life!

The adults  who has  3rd and 4th grade literacy level have more experience   compare to a  child in that grade. So the lesson plan has to reflect their life  experiences. The learners are developing their public speaking skill in small groups or discussions. To build their skill they  have to be exposed  to different kinds of materials. Using the given materials they will develop their vocabulary and grammar. They will  analyze the evidence in the material  and learn to distinguish  facts from opinion. They   will be able to  form their own opinion based on the facts. Once They form the opinion they need to present the information with supporting  evidence in small groups and one on one discussions

  • Apply negotiating vocabulary.

  • Identify the main idea in a conversation.

  • Evaluate information being delivered.

  • Evaluate the point of view, reasons and evidence of given information provided by others.

  • Identify reasons and evidence from what others say to support their  interpretation.

  • Defend their understanding of the  given subject matter with evidence

  • Select     their own  social issue to orally present  and discuss

  • Form  the main idea   for their topic

  • Pick a point of view for their presentation

  • Gather supporting  evidence  for their  evidence

  • Present the  selected  social issue information with supporting evidence

  • Discuss  a given  social subject with grammatically correct professional English

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