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Persuasive idea

Persuasive idea is  to convince, to stimulate and to move the audience  in to action

Research the job

Learn about the place of work

Preview your skills and experience  relevant to the job.

The introduction should be about your skills, experiences  related to the job that gets the attention

The specific purpose should  have the general purpose, the audience  and the objective



Target audience  are people you are aim to pursue . They maybe  the HR personal, the Department supervisor, and people  who are currently doing the work. Tying the  audience in some way can make  them agree with you.  Analyzing  the audience and predicting their behavior will help persuade them in a positive direction.  Understanding the audience and their need is important to convince them.  Knowing their  needs and job requirements before hand  helps tailor the presentation.  the Anticipate potential negative response  and be ready to negotiate positively . Do not lie to the audience. Know illegal interview questions and be ready with the positive answers.



Articulate in a confident  voice is important.

Words like, establish, suggest, Must, have to, how ever,, intention crucial elaborate can be used  when  presenting  an idea or self. It

Is important that vocabulary boosts distinctiveness



In an interview one needs to pursue the audience to consider giving them a chance. So  here the learner will use him self and his skills as a subject matter of his persuasion.

key Points for the Interview

One needs to know   some of the illlegal questions that can be asked. examples are

Illegal questions in the interview

Are you a US. Citizen?

Answer: I am authorized to work in the USA

How will you handle children ?

Possible answer: I have nothing in my personal life  that would prevent me from working


Visual Aid

A resume. 

Cover Letter, 

Reference letter

and  a portfolio of work samples 

example- List of creative recopies

Models of the cars worked

Thesis statement

Your thesis statement  should contain your skills, experience and problem solving skills

The structure should  be  one or two sentences.


Example: My strong fluency in Spanish and English along with my cooking skills would be an asset to the restaurant. 


Organizing ideas to present

Your speculation means influence, modify, reinforce the listener’s attitude to change their behavior.

Claim and prove  method is used to prove the usefulness of  the proposition.

example; showing the skill and how it can solve the employer's problem

Problem /solution method  demonstrates an existing problem  and show solutions

This organization skill needs some extra research on the employer and identify their problems. this will also help the employee to see how one can fit in the job.

Motivated sequence to show the problem and ask the listener to take action to solve the problem

In this method the employee needs to persue the employer with  his skill set to hire him

Criteria  satisfaction  is  a step by step  proving method for a proposition

Understanding the employer needs is really helpful to make them act


Supporting evidence

Persuasive  topics always need a supporting evidence. To gather  the supporting evidence one need to do the research. While doing a research one need to have the list of options, a consistent method of creating  notes, a way to add  mention the resources for the evidence.

For a job interview, recommendation letters can be considered as a supporting evidence. Researching about the job or the company also  be a great supporting evidence.


List  opposing points

 For a persuasion to succeed in an interview a need has to be fulfilled.  The speaker should  analyze these needs before the interview. At the interview you hold the interviewer's attention to demonstrate their need and your solution. Give an idea of your solutions so the interviewer can visualize the solution. Persuade the audience  to reach for the solution by using your skills.


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