Speak Up! It is your life!

This  is the Game card
speech game.jpgThis is the Game card

The game card can be printed and used to play

Game cards

Download: Speech_gamecards.pdf

Game Icons

question card for Unit one
QuestioNB.pngquestion card for Unit one

Question card for level 2
QuestionO.pngQuestion card for level 2

question card for level 3
questionG.pngquestion card for level 3

reinforce card for level one
Picka cardB_1.pngreinforce card for level one

Pick a cardO.pnglevel2

PICKA CARD-G.pnglevel3

Critical thiking level2
choiceO.pngCritical thiking level2

level one
Choiceb.pnglevel one

level three
ChoiceG.pnglevel three


Game Rules

 The game board has three levels. Before starting the game the instructor may  tell the learners to have writing instruments by their side. to keep the score as well as write down their ideas.

The purpose of the game is for the learner to understand the basic principles of speaking, at the same token  get ready for a job interview. This game will make the learners think  with the different perspective. 

The players start the game by rolling the dice

The first level has one challenge. The second level has 5 challenges and the third level has 11 challenges.

 As the learner moves toward the challenge  they will find differnt types of cards.

The question card is for the learners to ask questions to the peers and the instructor to clear their doubts.

The choice cards make the learner use their critical thinking.

The pick a card  reinforces the user  what they already learnt.

The challenge card is a way to show what they understand

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