This unit includes 10 lessons that culminate in a student created final product presentation on the factors that influence climate change through the lens of chemistry and oceanography using literacy strategies to conduct inquiry level research.

Using inquiry-based reading, student will examine an anchor text to formulate a question to guide their research and development of student driven projects. Throughout the unit, students will use a variety of texts, websites, and other resources to develop a product and presentation that exhibits their literacy and inquiry skills. Using inquiry-based reading, students will explore an anchor text and then develop their own essential and supporting questions to guide their research. Over the course of the unit, students will explore a variety of texts and grow in their knowledge of cellular organelles and in their ability to use informational text to support their inquiry and research.
Life Science, Physical Science
High School
Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12
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Brian Smith on Sep 29, 08:32am

This unit plan is incredibly detailed and full of great resources. I appreciate how many links there are to the materials you used and how thorough those materials are. I wonder what your students' presentations were like. The supporting materials give some insight into how the students performed, but it would be so cool to see how their products were presented.

Jeanne Cooper on Sep 27, 11:08am

This unit addresses a very relevant and important topic. I like that the students had choice about their final product and also that they created group contracts since they were working in groups. I wonder if some examples of student work could be included with guidelines or comments as to how they were evaluated.

Lauren Schultz on Sep 27, 07:48am

This seems like a great project and it is a relevant topic. For the content lecture about acidification (?), would it be possible to provide notes or a slideshow to help guide other teachers trying to replicate this unit through the lecture? My concern would be that others trying to replicate this piece would go "too long" or not cover the correct content that Tamryn covered to help students.

Christina Segura on Sep 27, 07:07am

I really liked the variety of final project options that the students had. I feel that the topic is very relevant to the students. I wonder if having students submit pictures of screen shots of their work in a central location would help with the grading of all the pieces. The template makes reference to different colors in the pacing section and this did not translate to the uploaded version. I wonder if the debrief google form could be linked to the template.


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