Student Portfolio: Cyberbullying

Thesis and Sentence Outline

Cyberbullying: The Internet as a Weapon

I. Introduction and Thesis - The increased use of social media has led to more suicides among today’s youth--a result of cyberbullying.

A. What is Social Media?

1. Background

2. Benefits

B. Negative consequences of Social Media

1. Privacy Issues

2. Provides Distractions

3. Cyberbullying

II. Cyberbullying

A. Background

1. What is it?

2. Methods of Cyberbullying

B. Statistics

1. Who is Targeted?

2. Prevalence

C. Current Situation

1. Latest Occurrences

2. Amount of Victims Today

III. Effects and Consequences of Cyberbullying

        A. Damaged Victims

1. Depression

2. Decreased Academic Performance

3. Damaged Reputation

4. Suicides

B. For the Bullies

1. Legal Consequences

2. Academic Consequences

IV. Prevention

A. Monitoring your Child

1. Keeping Tabs on Activity

2. Limiting Access to Social Media

        B. Counseling

1. School Counselor

2. Finding a Mentor

3. Discussing the Issue

        C. Education About Cyberbullying

1. Raise Awareness

2. Staying Informed

3. Educate your Children

V. Conclusion

Reflection on Individual Conferencing with Your Teacher

This assignment was rather easy, but a very crucial step in creating my research paper. It created the general skeleton of how my paper was going to look like. This helped me with the logical order of my arguments, and also already set out a map--or list--of what information and sources I had to research in order to flesh out my skeleton. My paper had direction because of this outline, and I knew exactly what I wanted to say and what type of information I was looking for. It also helped me list out all of my thoughts and all the things I could talk about, reassuring me that I may have enough content for 6 pages after all.

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