Puyallup School District Civics OER w/ Washington State History (view)

Units included with this Open Author resource:

Civics, Civics and Government, Puyallup School DIstrict, Washington State History
Unit 1: Foundations of Government
Unit 2: United States Government
Unit 3: Civil Rights and Liberties
Unit 4: Voting and Voting Behavior
Unit 5: Washington State and Local Government


Civics is the study of our national government, constitution, and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Topics in the Puyallup Civics course include democracy and other forms of government; legislative, executive, and judicial functions; the political process; and foreign and domestic policies. The course also includes a summary of Washington State History and local native sovereignty. This model course reflects 2018 Washington state legislation regarding the High School Civics Course requirement - RCW 28A.230.094. This course is by Puyallup School District - only submitted by Barbara Soots.