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​A critical part of sustaining Open Educational Resources (OER) in higher education is recognizing the contributions by instructors who create and improve them as part of their professional work. In order to aid this effort, Driving OER Sustainability for Student Success (DOERS3) has developed an adaptable advisory model to help guide faculty as they attempt to include their OER work in their tenure and promotion portfolios. This model is in no way exhaustive and will likely be most useful as either a way for faculty to start thinking about how to best fit their OER work into their local T&P guidelines or as an OER adapted to those local concerns. Although this document in its current form was created with individual faculty in mind, DOERS3 encourage T&P committees themselves to adapt and edit this document to use as guidance for their faculty.

Applied Science
Educational Technology
Information Science
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Teaching/Learning Strategy
Amanda Coolidge
Andrew McKinney
and Deepak Shenoy
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