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Perspectives on Black Markets v.3
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In the fall 2019 semester, the students of the Liberal Arts and Management Program class Black Markets: Supply and Demand explored many types of black markets and examined many perspectives related to such illicit markets. Through careful discussion and reading the students discovered four prevalent themes throughout the course: the role of government in creating the context for black market activity, elements of demand, elements of supply, and varying levels of social implications. The thirteen articles in this volume provide rich takes on these themes. We placed each article with the theme we believe it most exemplifies; however, each article conveys facts and context that relate to each theme. We believe that these themes interact and work together like strands of a rope strengthening each other. Please note that authors of a couple of the articles personally observed others engaging in illicit activities. The authors did not. And the authors have not revealed true names of the persons they observed.

Social Science
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Indiana University Pressbooks
Aisha Green
Ashley Brown
Casey Carroll
Elliott Obermaier
Emma Wagner
Jacob Herbert
Lauren Fischer
Maria Emmanoelides
Mary Kate Ausbrook
Melanie Reinhart
Michael Morrone
Peter Andrews
Stacey Tam
Yulia Nefedova
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