Companion Resource (Pathfinder) for Create Accurately and Interactive Dashboards with Tableau



The resources on this page will help you to learn how to sort your visualization and learn Tableau terminology.  You will learn how to apply a computed, manual and nested sort to the visualizations in your dashboard.


Video Tutorial with Sample Dataset

Tableau video tutoral on sorting with sample datasets.
Sorting video tutorial with sample datasets. (4:49 minutes)

Links from Tableau Help

Sorting Data in a Visualization:  This help guide reinfornces the topics learned during the presentation:  Computed and manual sorting.


Tableau Public Vizzes Examples

  • Nested Sorting by Andy Kriebel:  In the Nested Sorting blog, Kriebel (2015) describes nested sorting as "sorting by more than one dimension."
  • Sorting and Aligning On A Section by Bethany Lyons:  An iengaging viz that integrates storytelling and links to video to demonstrate sorting in Tableau.
  • Sorting Filtering by Tim Lens:  A resource that reinforces your learning of the topics covered in the Create Accurate and Efficient Dashboards presentation (Taiwo Adegite & Zena Patton).


Other related topics

How to Move the Sort Button to Top of View in Tableau (YouTube)


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