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Open Data & Other Resources


     Open data, like open education resources (OER), are resources that can be freely re-distributed, reused and often many times, remixed or transformed to create new datasets.  On this page are links to open data resources where you may find data for your next viz, absolutely free! 

     To learn more about what open data is and the benefits of disseminating open data, take a look at the Open Data Handbook

Figshare:  Some of the winning authors of past Student Iron Vizzes used data from this repository.  The best feature of this repository is that it has an easy to use interface and search tool.

ICPSR (University of Michigan) Data Repository: World renown data repository of social-behavioral research data.  Data in the repository has gone through a rigourous data preparation process.  It is the go to for most social scientists.'s List of Free Public Datasets For Analysis:  A comprehensive, but not exhaustive, list of free datasets ranging from climate, to video game related datasets.

Tableau Public:  Tableau Public is probably the best kept secret of all data repositories.  You will find that some authors allow access to their viz's datasets.  Find a viz, click "Download" for deeper exploration of your favorite viz.