Companion Resource (Pathfinder) for Create Accurately and Interactive Dashboards with Tableau

Best Practices in Choosing the Right Viz Type


Charts! Now that you getting a grasp of data manipulation basics, let's learn how which charts and graphs are best for your question around your data.

Video Tutorial

Getting Started With Visual Analytics
Getting Started With Visual Analytics video tutorial. (6:00 minutes)

Links From Tableau Help

Choose the Right Chart Type for Your Data:  A guide on choosing the appropriate chart or graph to visualize the relationships in your data.

Good Enough to Great:  Tips for making good and great visualizations. This guide also discusses the color theory and universal design features to add to your visualization.


Tableau Public Vizzes Examples

The next visualization is a bonus.  I want to include it because it is one of my favorites:  Visual Resume by Karen Hinson.


Other Related Topics

Fundamentals of Data Visualization:  An hour-long webinar that takes a deeper look at the best way to communicate data using a chart, graph, and map.

How to Choose the Best Visualization For You:  A 55-minute webinar that explains how to choose the best visualization around to answer specific questions.


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