Companion Resource (Pathfinder) for Create Accurately and Interactive Dashboards with Tableau

Dashboard Performance: Workbook Optimizer tool & Tableau Performance Checklist


Tableau supports the performance of your dashboards with resources and tools that assure that your vizzes are designed according to best practices.  The resources on this page include automated dashboard evaluation tools and links to web pages discussing best practices in dashboard performance.

Video Tutorial 

Best Practiices For Dashboard Performance YouTube Video (53 minutes)
Best Practices For Dashboard Performance YouTube Video (53 minutes)

Links From Tableau Help

Workbook Optimizer (Run Optimizer):  A tool in Tableau that identifies areas where your workbook can be improved using best practices.  The guidelines are descriptive and you may opt to auto-fix (if available) or ignore a recommended solution.

The Tableau Performance Checklist:  The link will open a blog on the Interworks website.  This checklist offers best practices and guidelines in seven areas of dashboard performance: Data, filtering, custom SQL, calculations, rendering, local computations, and dashboard layout.

Tableau Public Vizzes Examples

  • Checklist (Best Practices In Dashboard Performance) by Lovekeesh Babar:  An impressive visualization that organizes issues affecting dashboard performance from high to low-impact areas.
  • Tips to Improve Performance by Lovekeesh Babar:  This viz organizes dashboard performance best practices and solutions on how to improve your dashboard into two areas:  How much an issue impacts your dashboard performance; and how easy it is to fix the issue based on best practices.

Other Related Topics

Designing Efficient Production Dashboards:  To access this whitepaper you may need to sign in or fill out a short form.  This resource discusses topics on how to optimize your data source, data modeling, calculations, filter controls, worksheets, and dashboards.  Also, there is a chapter that discusses how to optimize your workbook using features on  Tableau Server and Tableau Online.