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Frequently Asked Questions from Tableau Reference Appointments

     The following questions were extracted from Flip the Tableau! Learning Experience reference appointments. The goal of the reference appointments is to provide attendees with a tailored, advisory experience of Tableau resources to support their learning. The attendees of the Tableau reference appointments were also enrolled in the open education resource, Flip the Tableau! Google Classroom Self-Paced Learning. The reference appointments were offered as Flip the Tableau! Virtual Office Hours where attendees of the Google Classroom opted to schedule appointments with me and co-instructor, Taiwo Adegite for additional learning support.

     Our approach in curation the resources for Flip the Tableau! Learning Experience attendees were to offer free, open education Tableau-related resources. Doing so aligns with Tableau's Academic Program goal of "data literacy for all" and its mission to close the data skills gap. Tableau's Academic Program offerings are free for students, and educators. To learn more about the Academic Program at Tableau, click the following link

We provided this data literacy learning support during our tenure as a Tableau Community Leader Ambassador. To learn more about Tableau's Ambassador programs, click the following link


Connecting data to Tableau Public  

Enhancing Tableau Visualizations Using Color Theory and Background Images

How and Whom to Turn to for advice, feedback, or help?

What and When to use for self-paced learning resources?