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In this capstone course, students will use new and previous knowledge about drug delivery and biopharmaceutics, to design an innovation. Throughout the course students will engage in learning opportunities related to real-world scenarios in drug delivery, gain a better understanding of the anatomy and physiology related to drug delivery, and participate in a self-directed project to solve a fictitious problem. This learning tool will guide students through the process of understanding real-world applications of drug delivery and how drug delivery is applied to treating infectious diseases. DDF’s innovation project is aligned with NGSS and Common Core standards in math and ELA core curriculum subject areas. The learning activities, final project, and mid-unit assessments are provided to the teacher and students in the form of eLearning readings, quizzes, interactive tools, student response sheets, and presentation outlines. Students using this module should find success in self-directed learning, though they may use additional resources in the community, the guidance of teachers, the advice of scientists or biomedical professionals at DDF, or the knowledge presented in scientific literature to help them achieve their goal; though this module should provide most of the tools they will need for guidance. For more information on in-person learning experiences, please contact our DDF eLearning Project Manager, Lindsay Malcolm:
Reading Informational Text, Reading Literature, Life Science, Anatomy/Physiology, Ratios and Proportions
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