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    Education Standards

    Speak Up! Creative and engaging ways to get students talking

    Speak Up! Creative and engaging ways to get students talking


    This robust set of videos, activity sheets, and short written summaries is designed for anyone to use when integrating speaking assignments and activities into college level courses. Each video highlights a specific student activity, applicable to any delivery mode, complete with a video introduction, template, and lesson plan to download. Open pedagogical opportunities are incorporated into several modules with emphasis on student led engagement. Created by Miranda Hawk at Madison Area Technical College.

    Card Chat

    Card Chat is simple to create and may be used in multiple teaching modes as well as curriculum areas. It is also simple to play. Once the preplanning is done (the cards are created), this game can be a spontaneous activity or planned assessment. 

    Purpose & Strategy When applied in the classroom, students engage in the curriculum and with each other by playing their cards to advance the content by asking questions or stating how they think, know, feel or connect with the content. This activity works at all levels of familiarity with content, either students just learning or developing a concept or to demonstrate mastery of a curricular concept.



    Creating a Commercial

    Students create a commercial to develop speaking skills. Goal to have students know content well enough to engage on a deep level and condense it into a short meaningful message. This exercise engages students in understanding factual information, delivering content, and making speeches. 

    Galley Walk Discussion Technique

    How to effectively use the gallery walk classroom discussion technique for higher education interaction. Students engage in discussion by responding to material and sharing perspectives and opinions. Through this process students learn about different prospectives. 

    Individual One Off Classroom Engagement Activities

    1. Check In Video and Worksheet
    • Includes ice breaker type questions geared toward different groups or attendance each day
    • Students can create and lead the questions
    1. Daily Log Video and Worksheet
      • Verbally share a summary of what happened in the previous class
      • Student created logs and led discussion
    2. Thoughts, Questions, Epiphanies (TQE) Video and Worksheet
      • Students use TQE starters at the conclusion of a lesson plan or start of a new module
    3. Read Aloud Video
      • Share highlighted or important passages from highlighted readings
      • Use in small groups or entire class
    4. Content Summary Video
      • Students share what they wish other students would know about the concept
      • Share their notes collectively
    5. Question Roulette
      • Students create questions and verbally answer
    6. One Minute Share
      • Summarize and share content through prompts
    7. Lab Report/Project/Paper Summary Video and Template
      • Groups take turns describing a process they used in a specific process
    8. Jigsaw
      • Students demonstrate core concepts through group demonstration
      • Student led curricular demonstrations
    9. Teach! Okay!
      • During lectures students actively engage in the teaching process

    Interview Classroom Engagement

    Using improvisation speaking exercises to encourage students to interact in the classroom through active listening and engagment through a flipped classroom experience. 

    Think, Pair, Share Activity

    Students think individually about a concept or curriculum prompt, pair
    with a partner or a group to further develop their individual answers and then those
    students share with the class their comprehensive result. This allows them to build oral
    communication skills at the personal and the public levels translating to workforce development. 

    Trivia - Jeopardy Activity

    This activity provides ways for students to engage with the material and each other in a
    low-stakes, fun game.

    And Yes . . .

    Yes and... is a fun way to explore a process or collaboratively develop a concept. This activity
    can be used to start or review a learning module in multiple teaching modes as well as
    curriculum areas. Yes and... doesn’t take any preparation except students being familiar with
    content if used as a review.