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Integrated ELA and Social Studies Unit incorporating Washington State's Since Time Immemorial content. Students learn native values in plant care, the oral tradition of storytelling and share and celebrate their learning.
English Language Arts, Social Science
Preschool, Lower Primary
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Washington OSPI OER Project on Apr 10, 04:33pm

This unit is rich and has interesting content and the science as addressed in the NGSS is tangential to most of the unit but the focus of lessons 3 and 4. These lesson touch on diversity of organisms, parts of a plant, what they do for the plant, and needs of the plant for survival. There is not much in the way of Science and Engineering Practices, with some modification those could be emphasized especially for K-LS1-1, 1-LS1-2 (strawberry seeds dissemination, types of soil, water strawberries need), 2-LS4-1. Also, one could really emphasize some Crosscutting Concepts such as Cause and Effect, Patterns, Stability and Change, Structure and Function. It is a lovely unit but the real focus is ELA and Social Studies. One could easily incorporate NGSS standards with some thought.

B Manker on Jun 27, 06:15pm

Lesson Focus: Climate, weather patterns, geography, and the flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest - mainly Washington State.
The authors focus on indigenous origin stories to describe these things, while providing students with folktales and fables from Native Americans.

I added grade 2 and 3 standards because only first grade standards were originally listed.
Excellent collection of links to videos, including to indigenous oral storytellers.
Basic graphic organizers are included.

Students spend a few days listening to and discussing indigenous origin stories, and then write their own. While this is a good idea, details are not provided for teachers in this lesson plan. In my opinion, a bit more scaffolding should be included. The authors provided enough flexibility in the writing lesson to allow teachers to tailor the writing portion to their classroom needs.



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