Argumentative Research Essay

Writing Your Thesis

When you write a standard essay, you usually do some pre-writing by brainstorming and then formulating your thesis. In a research essay, the process of coming up with your thesis is slightly different. You will need to do at least some preliminary research to narrow the focus of your paper and to begin to answer your research question. The answer to your question will be the basis for your thesis statement. You will need to write a thesis statement will encompass your argument and the major points that you will make in your paper to support your thesis.

Review this website for more information on writing a good thesis statement:

Writing a Good Thesis Statement


In our earlier example, we came up with the research question, “Should junk food be banned from school campuses?” If you were to actually research this question, you would be looking at several sources to find facts, statistics, opinions, and review other scholarly research to form an opinion based on what you have read. The opinion you form would be the basis for your thesis. As an example, if your research led you to the conclusion that junk food should be banned from school campuses based on the evidence that you read, you would want to state your argument as well as include some of the key reasons you came to the conclusion. You should not include minor details, but just some of the key points that you will discuss in your paper. Remember, a good thesis will give the direction for your paper, showing your readers a kind of “map” to your writing. Because this is an argument paper, it is also important to recognize that your opinion is not the only opinion on this topic.  You may want to address this differing viewpoint in your thesis. Going back to our example on junk food in schools, the thesis for this paper might look something like this: 

Although some would argue that the government has no right to get involved in a person’s food choices, junk food should be banned from school campuses because  one in five school age children in America are clinically obese which leads to disease, being bullied, and shortened life span.

This thesis gives a framework for the paper that we would write. We would then address each of these components in our paper. Remember to ask yourself these questions about your thesis

· Is my argument clearly stated?

· Does it give a plan and structure of my paper?

 · Does it demonstrate the points I want to emphasize?

Checkpoint #4

Before you proceed any further, see an instructor to have your thesis approved and signed off on in your packet..

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