Argumentative Research Essay

Make a Scratch Outline

Now that you have your sources and a thesis, you will need to create a “scratch” outline of your paper. This important step in the writing process will provide you with a brief “roadmap” of what you want to include in your paper. The outline essentially allows you to make a plan for what you want to include, and allows you to organize your ideas before you begin writing.

Things to consider:


1. What is the argument I am making?

hand writing an outline
outline.jpghand writing an outline

hand writing an outline

2. What evidence will I be presenting to make my point?

3. How do I want to organize my ideas?

Your scratch outline does not have to follow a specific format, it simply has to outline briefly what you will cover in your paper.

Click on this link to learn more about outlining your paper:

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Checkpoint #5

Before you proceed any further, see an instructor to have your outline approved and signed off on your packet.

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