Argumentative Research Essay

Write Your Paper

Once you have discussed your thesis  and outline with an instructor, you may begin writing your paper. Keep in mind that as you write, all of your information should support your thesis. At times, a writer will discover new facts or information that doesn’t fit with his/her thesis. The writer will then need to determine if the information is to be included, the thesis may need to be revised. If you have questions about this at any time, you should discuss your questions with an instructor. Remember, good writing is a process, and we can always edit and revise our work until we are completely satisfied with it.


Sample Research Essay Format

In this link you will find a sample research essay format. You are not required to use this format, it is simply a tool that you might find useful.

Download: Argumentative_Paper_Format_h5gI3Nn.pdf

How Will I Be Graded?

For this project, you will be graded partially on the process, and partially on the end product. You will get each of the check points signed off in your research packet prior to writing your paper. Completing each of these will count as a completion grade on your grade card. The final paper itself will be graded on a rubric. Your paper will be graded on a 100 point scale according to the standard grading scale.

Be sure to check with an instructor if you need any assistance as you work through this packet or during the process of writing your paper.


Good luck!



image of a research paper
Research-paper.pngimage of a research paper

image of a research paper

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