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Developing Change Agents
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Innovative Practices for Sustainability Leadership

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Developing Change Agents examines the role of academia in creating the next generation of sustainability leaders. Delving into strategies to transform higher education, this volume empowers universities to develop change agents who can scale solutions to meet the wicked environmental, social, and political challenges of the present and future. Developing Change Agents advances a revolutionary perspective on the way academia functions from the administrative hierarchies to faculty, and the classroom and to deep engagement in the communities where the solutions must be co-created. This book works to find a transdisciplinary, effective method of tackling the world’s issues with reference to emotional intelligence, diversity, community, and reward structures and supports a tailored, reflexive approach based upon each university’s diverse and unique students, faculty, programs, and communities. From the ANGLES NETWORK: A Network for Graduate Leadership in Sustainability

Word Count: 75528

ISBN: 978-1-946135-57-5

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Career and Technical Education
Environmental Studies
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University of Minnesota
Abigail M. York
Alexander S. Liepins
Edited by Kristi L. Kremers
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Image-ing Our Foremothers: Art as a Means of Connecting with Women's History
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This is an 8 week experience for the college student that begins by setting a learning context through using library resources, especially online databases, for locating images and art that reflect a chosen research topic and creating a mural that demonstrates the students’ comprehension of the chosen topic. The experience includes conducting research on 3 significant events or people in women’s US history. The written research will be accompanied by images or art that the student has chosen (described) as reflective of, or related to the researched event or person. In order to determine the students’ level of information literacy, the research will include a detailed description of how the students located the images. The students will also draw or describe a personalized sketch of one of the researched events or people. The culmination of the research is the design and painting of a collaborative mural depicting the students' research topics.

This Reusable Learning Object (RLO) was created out of the desire to infuse university courses with information literacy or research activities. A traditional research project on significant events or people in history is enhanced with the discovery and analyzing of art and images within the context of history. Analysis not only includes written text but the painting of a mural. The RLO is structured in a way that allows for easy replication and alteration to a variety of subjects and learning levels.

Art History
Arts and Humanities
Gender and Sexuality Studies
Social Science
Visual Arts
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Full Course
Lesson Plan
Teaching/Learning Strategy
Indiana University
Kristi L.
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