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El Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican celebration, it is a day to celebrate, remember and prepare special foods in honor of those who have died. There is one day dedicated to the children who have died and one day dedicated to adults. This lesson is designed for Spanish classes in Middle School to learn about the customs and traditions of Meso-American people.Each student does research at stations to find answers to questions that give the students an overview of Day of the Dead traditions. After the research is completed each sttudent has the opportunity to complete crafts that are centered around the two-day celebration. Customarily, the Spanish teacher will then display the craft products in the classroom since the lesson is usualy conducted around Dia de los Muertos.
Languages, World Cultures, Reading Informational Text, World History, Cultural Geography, Ethnic Studies
Middle School
Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8
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Abigail Palmer
on Jul 28, 07:29pm Evaluation

Quality of Instructional and Practice Exercises: Strong (2)

This resource lacks the Superior rating because it does not offer keys or scoring guidelines for the students on the activity questions.

Abigail Palmer
on Jul 28, 07:29pm Evaluation

Opportunities for Deeper Learning: Limited (1)

The activities in this lesson are simple and do not require higher order thinking. On the worksheet questions, many students only have to remember the answers. Although there are fun and creative activities, they do not require much thought or knowledge about the culture or material. There is no application of what they have learned to a greater extent than creating decorations.


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