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National Native American Heritage Month

This month we celebrate National Native American Heritage Month, a time to recognize the enormous contributions of America's first peoples. As educators take time help students honor and learn about Indigenous People, below are three resources that can be part of your classroom activities: 

Since Time Immemorial: Giving Thanks – A Native American Cultural Tradition (K-3)
Lessons about Thanksgiving in elementary classrooms have historically misrepresented the events and people involved in the “first Thanksgiving.” The lessons presented here invite students to share their own fall and harvest traditions, and teach students some of the cultural values and traditions of our country’s indigenous peoples.

Food and Culture of Pacific Northwest Natives (9-12)
An online lesson that provides perspectives from Native American community members, images, objects, and other sources to help students and teachers understand the efforts of Native Nations of the Pacific Northwest.

Helpful Native American Heritage Month teaching resources | Burke Museum (K-12)
The Washington State Museum of Natural History and Culture presents daily opportunities—both at the museum and out in the community—to engage with the living traditions of Native American cultures.

Learning Collections

These collections provide a curated selection of Washington developed resources as well as links to external organizations providing quality online educational materials.
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These working groups contain resources created by OSPI in partnership with Washington educators,
OSPI grantees or collaborators, or Washington districts/schools (select a hyerlink below).

These groups and their resources are managed and curated by districts or schools.


The Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Open Educational Resources (OER) Project raises OER awareness and provides support for school districts adapting, developing, and implementing openly-licensed instructional materials.

Our Washington OER Hub is an online library of free, high-quality, K-12 OER created by and curated for Washington educators. All these materials are aligned with Washington State learning standards and may be downloaded, adapted, and shared to better serve all students.

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What’s here?

The collection of openly licensed educational resources on the Washington OER Hub include unit or robust lesson level supplemental instructional materials, lists of currently available full-course OER, educator guidance documents, and professional learning materials. Users can search for materials by content area, grade, or learning standard, or browse through curated learning collections organized by content area or target audience.

The Washington OER Hub regularly adds content and resources. OSPI also collaborates with our Washington Educational Service Districts, Washington state and national non-profit educational organizations, Washington state teachers, and other state agencies to generate standards-based resources.

Are materials vetted?

All resources in the OSPI curated Learning Collections are closely reviewed to ensure that they:

  • Explicitly address Washington Learning Standards, development guidelines, or benchmarks.

  • Include clear learning objectives and goals.
  • Display accurate and relevant content.
  • Support sound teaching practice.
  • Cultivate student interest and engagement.
  • Provide developmentally and culturally appropriate content.

Learning Collections

The Washington OER Hub contains free, high-quality, K-12 resources and materials for Washington educators in the following areas:

  • Arts
  • Career Technical Ed
  • Educational Technology
  • English Language Arts
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Integrated Subjects
  • Mathematics
  • Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • World Languages


PreK, Kindergarten, Elementary, Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Middle School, and High School


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