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    IPA Spanish Travel (intermediate proficiency)

    IPA Spanish Travel (intermediate proficiency)


    This Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA) is designed to assess students at an intermediate proficiency level. It includes tasks to assess students in the three modes of communication: interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational. The authentic resources included in this IPA address the themes of travel and geography.

    Suggested rubrics can be found in ACTFL Implementing Integrated Performance Assessment (2013) 
    by Bonnie Adair-Hauck, Eileen W. Glisan, Francis J. Troyan. 


    Adapted from Howard County Public Schools

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    Teacher instructions: Review the following objectives with students.

    Proficiency Level/Goal

    • Intermediate Low

    Can-Do Statements

    • I can identify the main ideas in a short travel-related clip.

    • I can understand the main ideas of what I read in a travel-related text.

    • I can interpret the information presented on a travel-related graph or chart.

    • I can ask and answer questions, and I can express personal preferences about travel.

    • I can write about a travel destination.


    You want to improve your proficiency in Spanish. You decide to convince your teacher to lead a week-long school trip for your language club to a country where Spanish is spoken. 

    To complete this task, you will:

    • Review some videos and/or articles about foreign travel.
    • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each destination with a partner using the information you gathered from the articles and videos.
    • Write a convincing letter to your teacher explaining your preferred destination.

    Interpretive Mode

    Teacher instructions: Choose at least three resources from the options below, and then make the selected resources available to students. Provide students with a graphic organizer or allow them to create their own.

    Listening Resource Options

    Reading Resource Options

    Use the resources provided by your teacher to help you narrow down your destination. Use a graphic organizer provided by your teacher or create your own to take notes about the unique features of each destination as well as the pros and cons of visiting.

    Interpersonal Mode

    Teacher instructions: Instruct students to engage in conversations about their findings. Provide students with a graphic organizer or allow them to create their own.

    You now have three possible travel destinations to discuss. With a partner, discuss the unique features as well as the pros and cons of visiting each destination based on the resources you have studied. Then, share which destination you prefer and why. Be sure to ask questions that encourage your partner to support his or her choice.

    Presentational Mode

    Teacher instructions: Instruct students to complete the pre-writing and presentational writing tasks. The pre-writing graphic organizer is available in the attached resources.

    After your conversation with your partner, you have decided on the final travel destination. Before writing a formal letter to convince your teacher, organize your response on the graphic organizer. Remember to use  information you have gathered from the resources and from your conversation with your partner.