Welcome to the Oregon Open Learning Hub, Oregon's K-12 open educational resource (OER) repository. The Oregon Open Learning Hub was launched in May 2020. The Hub continues to grow and now contains over 1,000 resources that have been authored or curated by Oregon educators. In November of 2022, the Hub launched the Oregon Collections section with the first collection made up entirely of resources created and evaluated by Oregon educators. We look forward to seeing this section of the Hub expand!  

We invite you to contribute to this community by using these resources, providing feedback, or joining a group to create and share resources for use across Oregon! Join the Oregon OER Professional Learning group to learn more about OER and how to get started on the Oregon Open Learning Hub. 

This Hub is sponsored by the Oregon Department of Education, whose mission is to foster equity and excellence for every learner through collaboration with educators, partners, and communities. Please note: Resources on the Oregon Open Learning Hub are not endorsed by the Oregon Department of Education. Please visit the Oregon Open Learning section of the Oregon Department of Education website to learn more about OER work in Oregon. 

We welcome your questions, feedback, and other comments - please feel free to email us at OregonOpenLearning@ode.oregon.gov

Oregon Collections

This section contains collections of resources that were curated, created, and evaluated by Oregon educators and Education Specialists from the Oregon Department of Education. Resources in this section have been evaluated using the Oregon OER Quality Framework, typically using a project-specific version with additional criteria that put a spotlight on important practices and concepts to consider for the topic or content area they were developed for. 


Groups are a working collaborative space. Within each group, you will find resources in all stages of development and of various "grain sizes," from an activity or strategy all the way up to units or full courses of content. While resources found in groups have not undergone a full evaluation process, they are reviewed by group administrators at ODE to ensure that resources are appropriate for the grade level and content area they are tagged with, they are fact/evidence-based, and they do not contain material that is harmful or otherwise inappropriate for an education setting.

This section hosts groups dedicated to creating and curating resources aligned to Oregon's Content Standards. Click the Education Partners & Practices tab above to view more groups.

If you're unsure about which group to join, or if you'd like to see a new group added, please contact us. We welcome your questions and feedback at OregonOpenLearning@ode.state.or.us.