UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers

Helping national ministries of education and higher education institutions develop comprehensive national teacher ICT competency policies, standards, courses and open materials.


The UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (ICT-CFT) hub is a curated collection of Open Education Resources (OER) aligned with the framework. Educators can explore these resources to enhance their teaching practices using Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

The ICT CFT informs educational policy makers, teacher training providers, and working teachers about the role of ICT in educational reform. Additionally, it assists UNESCO Member States in developing national ICT competency standards for teachers, following an ICT in Education Master Plan approach. For more details, you can visit the UNESCO ICT in Education website - UNESCO ICT in Education.


UNESCO ICT CFT and OER in Action

ICT CFT Aligned Resources

The Framework is arranged in three different approaches to teaching. Knowledge Acquisition, enabling students to use ICT in order to learn more efficiently. Knowledge Deepening, enabling students to acquire in-depth knowledge of their school subjects and apply it to complex, real-world problems. Knowledge Creation, enabling students, citizens and the workforce they become, to create the new knowledge required for more harmonious, fulfilling and prosperous societies.

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ICT CFT Toolkit

This toolkit contains a set of resources used to introduce Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into Teacher Education. The utility of these resources span from creating an ICT in Education strategy, collecting education data, considering approaches to advocacy, designing curriculum to materials development and provides a set of open materials that could be used for training new or in-service teachers.


OER Fundamentals

ICT CFT Hub Tutorial Videos